About Dementia NI

Dementia NI aims to:

  1. Challenge the stigma of having a diagnosis by raising awareness about dementia
  2. Promote the rights of people living with dementia to be involved in decisions that affect their lives, such as health & social care practice and service delivery across Northern Ireland
  3. Provide training, education and awareness to organisations and the public on how to live well with dementia
  4. Support people living with dementia so that they may raise awareness of dementia in their own right

To raise awareness about dementia we are involved in many different projects, such as dementia-friendly communities, giving talks to different groups, taking part in networking events in local shopping centres, featuring in media campaigns and speaking to the media.

A major part of our work is consulting with health and social care staff to help bring about positive changes in care that we, and all people living with dementia, receive now and in the future. If you wish to consult with one of our groups, please contact Tara Collins on 028 90 686768.

We provide a safe and secure environment for people living with dementia to come together with the support of staff and volunteers.

Some of the founding members of Dementia NI

Some of the founding members of Dementia NI