Dementia NI Membership

How do I become a member of Dementia NI?

Dementia NI membership has been developed exclusively for people who live with a diagnosis of dementia.

Membership of Dementia NI is for life or for as long as members wish to participate. A range of opportunities to remain involved are available should a member be unable to attend groups, activities, or events.

Membership includes attending and voting at an Annual General Meeting or voting by proxy if you cannot attend in person.

Dementia NI periodically hold reviews with members. This is to determine the direction of the charity and discuss your participation to date. We do this to ensure that people with dementia and their views and opinions are at the core of the everything we stand for as an organisation.

There are many benefits of becoming a Dementia NI member:

• A chance to join others with a diagnosis to learn more from their personal experiences
• A chance to learn more about dementia and the condition you are living with
• Staying actively involved in the local community
• Getting out and about, helping to lessen isolation, loneliness, and boredom
• Giving you the opportunity to say how you feel and give your opinion on issues that affect your life 
• A chance to make positive changes in yours and other people’s lives living with dementia
• Supporting a positive outlook on life - The craic is good!
• A chance to enjoy life and activities knowing that you will have support and assistance when needed
• Encouraging members to live life to the full
• An opportunity to make new friends

Whilst Dementia NI membership is specifically for people living with a diagnosis of dementia, families and informal carers can also benefit. Dementia NI staff are available to ensure they too are receiving the right support by signposting to relevant services and carer support.

Carers have reported that they can relax when their loved one is out with Dementia NI staff and volunteers, and often find mood has improved when they come home. Family members are also included in some activities and kept up to date with Dementia NI’s work. This has also opened doors and opportunities for family members, and some have built friendships with each other.