Dementia NI Real Lives Events have been running throughout Northern Ireland since October 2016.

Real Lives ‘Learning from those who live with dementia’, is a unique event brought to life as Dementia NI members share real-life experiences of living with dementia to help explain what support they need, in the hope that everyone will become more understanding and accepting of the symptoms of dementia.

Their aim: To challenge associated negative assumptions in the hope that others will be more accepting, tolerant of the symptoms, and helpful towards people living with the condition.

The Real Lives events are an opportunity for the citizens of Northern Ireland to learn from people who live with dementia throughout the province.

Dementia NI members confront the assumptions of dementia and challenge the stigma of the symptoms that they live with. Dementia NI members demonstrate how their condition is not a natural part of aging and illustrate how warning signs often go beyond memory loss, explaining how different types of dementia can affect people in a variety of ways.

Dementia NI members will explain how they came to receive to their diagnosis, the signs to look out for, give their opinions on the importance of an early diagnosis and whether a person has a right to know their diagnosis.

The event educates citizens on how to communicate better with people living with dementia and demonstrates to the community how with the correct support and services, people can still live well after a diagnosis.

Dementia NI Real Lives events are free of charge.

*** Please note due to current COVID restrictions, Dementia NI Real Lives events are currently postponed until further notice. ***