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Dementia NI has collaborated with local music performer, Cora Kelly to create ‘The Journey’. A song written from the perspectives of people living with a diagnosis of dementia in Northern Ireland.

Queens University music performance graduate Cora from Killough County Down, worked alongside Dementia NI members to create the song.

Dementia NI member Allison Batchelor explains why she got involved:

“Traditionally, music performers have released songs in the charts that have focused upon the carer and family member experiences and feelings of their loved ones with dementia. We, the Dementia NI members wanted to take a stand and to turn the tables on adding to the stigma that often surrounds dementia.

We wanted the general public to hear OUR voices through song in order to give others recently diagnosed some hope and so everyone could understand more about what it is like living with dementia from our perspectives.”

The Dementia NI message is clear. Life still goes on following a diagnosis and it is possible to live well with dementia. On first hearing that they have a diagnosis of dementia people can often feel isolated and afraid. Dementia NI assists people living with dementia to stay connected to their communities and get peer support from others in the same boat.

Dementia NI member Violet McConnell explains why that is so important,

“Following my dementia diagnosis, I felt that I needed to keep active and involved in meeting with other people. I enjoy attending various groups and classes, I feel that if I didn’t, I wouldn’t go over the door and that my dementia would only get worse. Remaining involved in the community and interacting with others helps to keep my low mood at bay. Without Dementia NI, I would be completely lost. I get to meet with other people in similar circumstance and we get to offer each other advice and gain from each other’s friendship.”

How you can help

Our hope is that the words of Dementia NI members captured through song resonate with others recently diagnosed and offer encouragement and support.

With your support, ‘The Journey’ will help continue to challenge the stigma associated with dementia through song and highlight the help available through Dementia NI to live well with dementia.

By ordering ‘The Journey’ you will help us raise vital funds to continue to support people living with dementia in Northern Ireland.

You can rest assured that your donation will help support local people living with dementia and enable us to reach even more people who need us every single day.

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