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Cookies Policy

Cookies policy

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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files created when you visit a website and are stored in the cookies directory of your computer or device you use to access that site. They contain a unique number, and every time you return to the cookies’ originating website, the cookies stored on your device get recognised.

They serve lots of purposes. Mainly they make our website work better by providing information about how people interact with it. That includes what device you use, what content you've read. They also support some site functions we use on the site, for example video and interactive elements.

What information is collected and stored by

Cookies are used to store information on how you navigate the webpage, i.e. what link has been clicked.

We use Google Analytics across our websites. It's a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. (“Google”), to understand what people do when they visit our site so we can provide a better experience for them. You can always opt-out of Google Analytics cookies via Google’s opt-out tool.

Some of our pages contain embedded content like YouTube videos, or embedded posts from other social media channels and you may receive cookies from these websites.

All cookies used across our site are anonymous.

We don't govern the publication of third party cookies. To understand more about these cookies and privacy statements, please visit the website they come from.

How can I stop cookies from being stored on my computer?

How you manage cookies will depend on your web browser. Note that if cookies are not enabled on your computer your browsing experience may be limited. Each browser is different, so to learn how to change your cookie preferences find the web browser that you would normally use below:

This is a list of the most popular web browsers on the market. If your web browser is not on the list, search for an official tutorial online or seek an IT professional.