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Dementia is complex and everyone experiences their symptoms differently.

Coming to terms with your diagnosis can be a challenging time. However, keeping active and maintaining your independence can help you live a happy and fulfilled life.

Stay healthy, stay positive, stay independent

Looking after yourself is important for everyone, but especially so if you are living with dementia.

  • Eat well - a healthy diet rich in fruit and vegetables will help you feel your best
  • Take plenty of exercise – either indoors or outdoors, and be as active as you can
  • Maintain a good social life - keep in contact with friends or family or join a Dementia NI group
  • Keep active and busy - take up new hobbies or activities
  • Develop coping techniques - use lists, whiteboards, labels and keep a diary
  • Talk to professionals – for assistance with medication, have questions or need advice

Helpful Hints

While everyone experiences dementia differently, you might want to try some of these tips which many Dementia NI members have found helpful:

  • Establish a regular routine, with a timetable and diary .
  • Keep lists and write notes to yourself of what you want to remember.
  • Put labels on your cupboards and drawers to remind you where things are stored.
  • Use a pill organiser box or speak to your local pharmacy about organising your daily medication into blister packs.
  • Use technology – smartphones and tablets can help you keep in contact with others, set up direct debits to pay bills, store lists, phone numbers and useful contacts; they can also store useful apps that can help you manage your dementia.

If you have trouble sleeping; experience mood swings; become worried, depressed, distressed; or become suspicious of other people, realise that these can be common symptoms of dementia and your GP may be able to help you. Some of these symptoms can be side effects of medication and others can be improved by medicines.

While dementia cannot be cured, you can still live very well for many years following your diagnosis. Combating social isolation and loneliness is more important than ever in these challenging times. Dementia NI members are a community of people who are also living with a diagnosis of dementia. They have similar circumstances and are willing to offer you friendship and support. Members will help you to build your confidence and encourage you in maintaining a long and fulfilling life.

Visit our Become a Dementia NI member section for more information on how to become involved.


A new digital service offering support for people living with dementia and their carers has been launched by the Health and Social Care Board. It is called Apps4Dementia.

The ‘Apps4Dementia’ library is an online service for people with dementia and their carers that provides a collection of safe, trusted apps.

The apps offer information and guidance on dementia, support, management of symptoms and enable people with dementia and carers the ability to continue with their daily activities for as long as possible.

Apps to aid communication and memory, staying calm and sleeping well, carer support and active minds apps are just some of what you will find on offer.

The site can be accessed at:

View the video below to learn more.

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