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After consulting with Dementia NI members and other people with dementia throughout the UK, we learned of a method of support for people with dementia following a recent diagnosis – we are calling it “In the Same Boat”.

In the Same Boat Support Line
In the Same Boat Support Line

Following a recent diagnosis of dementia, many people find they need to talk to someone who also has received a diagnosis. Someone who may have had similar questions they felt they needed to be answered, or experienced similar problems themselves. Our ‘In the Same Boat’ specialist support is a way of offering appropriate support when people recently diagnosed are ready to talk.

How does it work?

Dementia NI members have developed a new service, called ‘In the Same Boat’, whereby they volunteer to provide support to those who have recently received a dementia diagnosis, allowing them to speak to someone who has experienced similar challenges and issues.

Dementia NI has enlisted 6-8 members who have been trained to offer support alongside a member of staff or support volunteer from our Empower and Support Program.

We would hope that by speaking to existing Dementia NI members that someone recently diagnosed will benefit from the peer support shown towards them and feel encouraged to come along to Empower and Support group.

It should be noted that the ‘In the Same Boat’ service is not an advice line, just an opportunity to speak with someone else who is living with dementia.

If you wish to avail of the ‘In the Same Boat’ Support service, please click here to contact Dementia NI for further information.

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