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Featuring Valerie Bryce and Eoghan MacGiolla Bhrighde, with choreography by Aoife Toner.

“I found the play so enjoyable and very emotional. It actually has made me not worry so much as the story was portrayed in such a lovely way. They might as well have just come into my house and acted out my life, except we don’t dance around the kitchen anymore.”

The Songbirds

The play, The Songbirds, is a new piece of socially engaged, participatory art. The script was developed from interviews with dementia dyads (the person with dementia and their primary carer), as well as group workshop sessions with members of Dementia NI.

The piece is an honest but uplifting look at the experiences of people living with a dementia diagnosis, and the effect of that diagnosis on the individual and their families. The play is 55 minutes long, features two actors and can be played in any community or theatre venue.