Empower & Support

*** Please note due to current COVID restrictions, our Face to Face Empower and Support groups are currently operating online through video call group meetings. ***

Dementia NI Aims & Objectives

  • To support and share our experiences of living with dementia
  • To be part of a group that empowers and helps others with dementia
  • To contribute in improving services for people with dementia and support provided after a diagnosis
  • To be present at Dementia NI meetings and contribute to conferences and events
  • To take part in consultation and research
  • To encourage a more positive attitude towards people with dementia
  • To talk to professionals about our experiences of living with dementia and what we need to help improve our lives
  • To link in with other groups of people with dementia to have a national voice throughout Northern Ireland and beyond

Dementia NI - What to expect

The group meetings usually last for two hours, however on occasions this time may be adjusted accordingly. Light refreshments will be made available.

Our meetings regularly host visitors who may ask for our opinions and experiences on topics related to living with dementia.

As a Dementia NI member, you will also be invited to attend and participate in events.

Your level of participation will be within your personal boundaries and comfort.

Coming to your first meeting

For your first meeting, we recommend you bring along a close friend, carer or relative, who is welcome to join the meeting for the first 30 minutes.

After this time, if you feel comfortable and wish to stay for the remainder of the meeting, we will ask your companion to leave the room and wait for you close by until the meeting ends.

Dementia NI operate a nondisclosure policy; therefore, we ask that anything confidential discussed within the group setting must not be repeated or discussed with outside parties.

The Buddy System

We want our members to feel comfortable and safe within the meeting environment. Therefore, we shall offer the opportunity for you to pair with another group member.

The buddy will sit next to you for reassurance and comfort. This person will act as a buddy to support, signpost, answer questions and help you feel at ease. A buddy does not have to be the same person each time.

Role of Our Staff

Dementia NI Staff operate in a supporting role for people with dementia to enable them to play an active part in the development of policy and practice in dementia support and care.

Group members are supported by Dementia NI staff and volunteers who deal with administration, bookings, and arrange guest speakers.

Dementia NI Staff and Volunteers do not provide an advocacy service, however are happy to signpost to additional relevant support required.

If you are living with a diagnosis of dementia and are interested in joining an empowerment group in your local area, please contact us on: 028 9693 1555 or email info@dementiani.org